Fees, Terms and Conditions

Reports are prepared subject to agreement to the Terms of Business below:

My fees are £200 per hour inclusive of secretarial and administrative expenses.  Generally my charges range between £2400 and £4000 for a report.  In the event of my being required to attend court, my fees would be £750 per half day or part thereof.  Once I have been notified of a date to appear in court, the fee will be chargeable unless I am given at least two weeks’ written notice that my attendance is no longer required.  All fee notes must be met within 60 days of receipt.

Bundles of documents should be paginated, indexed and bound.  Instructions should be clear and specific, but I am always willing to contact instructing solicitors for further clarification.

To discuss potential cases, to give instructions or for any queries please contact me. I try to respond within two working days.